What are ADRs

American depository receipt is a certificate that is negotiable and issued by the United States bank. Essentially one of these receipts is to indicate a specified number of shares that a person may own in foreign stock traded on the US exchange.

Instead of foreign stocks being indicated in their own foreign currencies ADRs allow these foreign stocks to be indicated in value using US dollars. The security for each one of these stocks issued on the American depository receipt is covered by a US financial institution located overseas in the country that the stock originated in. The essential purpose for American depository receipt is to levy heavy duty costs which are associated with the transaction of foreign stocks on US exchange.

If the traitor regularly trades foreign stocks on US exchange they may be incurring a variety of different duty and transfer costs. By using appropriate ADR’s they can work to cut down on their extra costs and still continue to buy shares in foreign companies.

If you’ve ever had interest in buying shares in foreign companies, this is by far the best way to do it. Any dividends or capital gains that are applied to the foreign stocks that you invest in will be paid to you or exercised in United States dollars. It is important to mention as well that investing in stocks within a foreign country does not come without its risks.

There are a number of economic risk factors as well as currency exchange risk factors that are associated with investing in foreign stocks. Any dividend payments will be converted into US funds so as the dollar fluctuates you may gain or lose money. Foreign taxes and expenses may also be applied to the total cost of managing your stocks. It is very important to look into stock taxation laws with foreign markets as well as company policies for stocks before you begin to invest in foreign companies. A tax expert will be able to help you navigate the extra costs that you might incur even with the help of ADRs.

A word of caution with investing in foreign markets and foreign stocks as well, their stocks will also be trading during hours that you may find it difficult to watch your financials. Because different stock markets will open at varying times trading in foreign markets could mean that you may lose a bit of sleep watching your investments, or miss out on opportunities as a result of time differences. Even though ADRs are listed on your existing stock exchange, they can be issues when it comes to the actual trade value of a company when it’s local stock market opens. Subsidiary companies, the value of their dollar and the value of commodities on different exchanges can severely affect foreign markets.

Ultimately if you are interested in trading stocks for a foreign company you should consider utilizing ADRs and the help of an investment professional to allow you to invest in foreign markets much more reasonably.

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